Rock of Succubus is the 86th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Fukuro, an owl-like man from Trinity Raven, battles with Natsu. Meanwhile, Gray has decided to go after Erza and Shô, while Lucy and Juvia team up to search for Natsu, but have an unexpected encounter with another Trinity Raven member, Vidaldus. Revealing that Juvia's Water Spells won't work against Vidaldus' hair, Vidaldus uses Rock of Succubus against Juvia, making her fall under his control. Juvia then goes after Lucy, who had decided to stand back, but now has to fight. In the throne room, Jellal has already counted Juvia and Lucy as defeated.


Jellal counts Simon as defeated

Jellal counts Simon as defeated

Bewildered by Fukuro's concept of a Guild, Fukuro says to Natsu that there is evil in this world that cannot be allowed to live and that Natsu is part of it. Natsu attacks, but Fukuro’s speed easily outmatches him. Simon is amazed by the power of Fukuro from Trinity Raven and that they are beyond what the rumors said. Jellal counts Simon out of the game, and wishes that he could fight Natsu too, but Natsu might not be able to make it to him.

In the meantime, Lucy and Juvia are looking for Natsu, Juvia says that she must be with Gray but he went after Shô and Erza. Juvia thinks that why has Gray put her together with her "love rival". Suddenly a very loud sound is heard which Juvia thinks is rather good but Lucy does not like it.

Vidaldus hair magic

Vidaldus' hair after absorbing water

Vidaldus, member of Trinity Raven, reaches them saying it is a concert from hell and introduces himself. He attacks them with his hair but cannot attack Juvia though, being that her body is made of water and Lucy gives up already saying that it's too much for her. Juvia uses her Water Lock on him and Vidalus hears rock instead of lock and gets caught in the Water Lock. Unexpectedly, he absorbs Juvia's water with his hair and thus reveals one of his Magic being able to absorb water and other different liquids. Then, Vidaldus decides to make Juvia his succubus, and by playing the Rock of Succubus song on his electric guitar which completely changes Juvia’s personality, and makes her go after Lucy. In his Throne Room, Jellal counts both Lucy and Juvia as defeated.

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