Heaven's Game is the 85th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Happy succeeds in removing the cat helmet from Natsu's head, but just when they are about to leave the room, Wally arrives and stops them. Jellal announces the beginning of the "Heaven's Game" and explains the rules and the only possible winner would be either Erza or Jellal. When Shô hears that, he imprisons Erza in his cards to protect her and decides to fight Jellal himself. Meanwhile, Wally tells Natsu that all they wanted was freedom and Natsu says that at Fairy Tail it is fun. Natsu flies to Jellal with the help of Happy, but they are intercepted by Fukuro, an owl-like man. Natsu meets Simon, at first Natsu does not trust him but later, after his explanation, he believes him. After hearing that Fukuro comes from a Dark Guild, Natsu is enraged and decides to beat him.


Wally in kitty helmet

The Cat helmet becomes stuck on Wally

Happy manages to take the cat helmet off Natsu's head with a lot of effort and then it lands on Wally's head. Natsu and Happy try to leave but Wally, who has easily removed the cat helmet, stops them. Suddenly, Jellal announces the start of the “Heaven’s Game”. He explains the rules, which are simple, if the door to Heaven opens (i.e. if he sacrifices Erza) he wins, if they stop him from doing it, they win. However, there’s one more detail. The Magic Council will probably use Etherion, and everyone will be annihilated.

Shô imprisons Erza in his card

Erza trapped in Shô's card

Finally facing the truth, Shô understands and decides to imprison Erza inside his cards using his Magic Card, to keep her safe, and decides to beat Jellal himself. Wally, on the other hand, confides in Natsu that all they ever wanted was freedom. Natsu tells him that he doesn’t know exactly what kind of freedom he is talking about, but the freedom at Fairy Tail is amazing and fun. Having said that, Natsu says he is going to cheat in the game and fly to the final stage, using Happy and tries to reach Jellal at once.

Fukuro vs. Natsu

Fukuro attacks Natsu

However, he is intercepted by Fukuro from Trinity Raven, who makes them enter the tower, where they find Simon. At first he is not trustful of him, but after he explains himself, Natsu believes him. Fukuro then enters the room, and Simon uses his Dark Moment, but unfortunately for him, the "Owl of Justice" can see in the darkness. He knocks Simon out, and Simon explains to Natsu that Trinity Raven is a part of a Dark Guild named Death's Head Caucus and takes on only assassination requests. Hearing that, Natsu becomes enraged.

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