Find the Way is the 83rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

In Era, the Magic Council meeting continues. Siegrain is trying hard to make his fellow councilors agree to fire Etherion on the Tower of Heaven, but not all members are in favor of the proposal. Meanwhile, Team Natsu and Juvia discuss the evil and disaster that Zeref would bring to the world if he were to be resurrected. Suddenly, Shô appears, saying that Erza had betrayed them. Erza concludes that Jellal brainwashed him and her friends, telling them a fake story. Simon also joins in, saying he never lost trust in Erza, who comforts a confused Shô. Elsewhere, Natsu, while searching for Happy, enters Millianna's room. Sneaking up behind him is Wally, ready to attack.


Siegrain arguing to the Council Members

Siegrain arguing with the Council

In Era, Siegrain continues to persuade the council to fire Etherion the Magic Council's Ultimate Weapon. But Org still disagrees with using Etherion as it destroys everything and if there are innocent people there, they will also perish, though Siegrain argues that sacrifices are needed to maintain the balance in the Magic World. Another vote is cast in favor of firing Etherion and only one vote is needed to put it into action.

Shô confused

Shô confused about the truth

Erza recounts the times they have met Zeref's creations before, remembering the Lullaby Demon and Deliora. Team Natsu did not understand why anyone would be willing to revive someone so evil, but most of all, they wonder how Jellal has convinced everyone to cooperate and Erza says that they have been mentioning something about "rulers of Paradise". Erza concludes he must have indoctrinated them, and Shô appears, thinking about what Erza said before, "In this battle, win or lose... I will disappear from this world". He then tells the story Jellal told them, in which Erza blew up the ships and left them. Gray and Lucy calmly ask him if that is something the Erza he once knew would do, and Shô struggles with the truth. Then, Simon appears, revealing that he missed his attack on Gray on purpose, and saying that he knew all along that Jellal was lying. Shô struggles even more, asking himself in whom he should believe in. Erza walks up to him and hugs him, and apologizes for being so weak that she couldn't do anything for him. Then Simon says that he caused all of those in order to gather up strong Mages, to fight Jellal and that Natsu's power will be needed to defeat Jellal. Meanwhile, Natsu enters Millianna's room looking for his friend Happy. He finds a cat helmet and puts it on, and is then unable to remove it. Wally sneaks behind him, and points his gun at Natsu.

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