Siegrain's Decision is the 79th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

As Erza fights her way around the Tower of Heaven looking for Jellal, the Magic Council discusses whether to wipe out the Tower and everyone in it. Team Natsu arrives at the island looking for Erza, but instead find trouble.


Jellal prepares to implement the Heaven's Game

Happy wakes up in a cat-centric room. Millianna is happy to learn that he can talk, and Wally concludes that Happy is a cat because he talks and Happy says that it is complete nonsense. Happy knows that Natsu cannot die. Suddenly, Simon arrives and informs them that Erza escaped. Millianna says that it brings back memories as they leave to find her. In his throne room, Jellal sees that too, he enjoys to play games of life and death, and asks himself who will win the Heaven's Game: him or Erza.

Etherion is prepared

The Magic Council is still arguing, and Siegrain calls the members weak because of their resolve. He proposes using Etherion, an immensely powerful Magic, able of destroying a country with its power, and the Council’s Ultimate weapon and with this they will destroy the Tower. The council reacts in horror, mentioning the severity of such an attack, but Ultear, another member, concurs. They wait for three more members to agree with them.

Natsu and Gray in water bubbles

Meanwhile, Erza is beating up the guards looking for Jellal. Elsewhere, Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Juvia arrive at the shore of the Tower of Heaven. Juvia finds an underwater passage, and creates water bubbles with air inside so they can travel. Juvia makes Lucy's air bubble smaller as Juvia considers her as a "love rival" and when they penetrate the Tower, Juvia says that Lucy is lucky to have her breath last which shocks Lucy, Natsu then asks her who is she. When they get inside the Tower, they engage in a fight the guards saying that they are from Fairy Tail, and come out winners. A passageway opens for them, and it is seen that Jellal has allowed them to enter to play a game. At the council, a third vote is cast from Leiji in favor of Etherion.

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