Heaven Over There is the 78th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The Magic Council discusses the R-System while Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Juvia make their way towards the Tower of Heaven. Erza is imprisoned by her former friends as her memories of them reawakens.


Magic Council meeting

The Magic Council meets

The Magic Council is discussing the probability of existence of another R-System tower. They have a view from the eighth tower, and they suspect that the incident at the resort was the doing of the creators of the tower. Siegrain, a member of the council, tells the council that the R-System is now called the Tower of Heaven. The council agrees that the Tower must be destroyed.

Team Natsu and Juvia on boat

Team Natsu and Juvia on a boat

Meanwhile, Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Juvia are traveling by boat to go after Erza. Juvia is shocked that Erza can be beaten, but Gray tells her that Erza was not beaten. Lucy explains that the kidnappers were Erza’s former allies. Everyone says that they are counting on Natsu's nose who has his motion problems as usual when they see the Tower of Heaven.

In the meantime, Shô and Simon show Erza her cell. They have taken 8 years to complete the Tower and Shô tells her that she has been chosen as a living sacrifice and that she should feel honored to die, so they can bring forth a so-called “paradise”. Erza shivers, not because she is supposed to be a sacrifice, but because in this very spot, she got taken and received punishment for having devised a plan which was planned by Shô to escape but Jellal had wanted to be punished himself, but the guards still took Erza away. She asks Shô of the repercussions of using the Revive System, but Shô brushes them of, saying that all Magic corrodes the soul. After all, they are trying to create a Heaven, with them as rulers. They do not care of anyone else. Erza frees herself while Shô is euphoric, and knocks him out. Her mission now is finding and neutralizing Jellal.

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