Jellal is the 77th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Lucy, Gray, Juvia and Natsu manage to recover and follow after Erza and Happy. Meanwhile at the Tower of Heaven, Jellal mentions the reason as to why he captured Erza: she is to be his perfect sacrifice.


Lucy freaks out

Lucy cracks Gray's dummy

A bound-up Lucy tries to summon one of her Celestial Spirits, but it appears that Millianna’s ropes prevent her from using Magic. However, she finds help from a man inside a card, who, even trapped, is able to use his knife to cut the tubes. Apparently, the effects of something done inside the card can be felt on the outside. Lucy runs to find Gray, and sees a dummy of him. She accidentally breaks it and, thinking she broke Gray, starts to panic. However, Juvia materializes with Gray inside her body due to her Water Lock, and Juvia as usual shows her jealousy to her love "rival" Lucy. They easily find Natsu, who, after being shot in the mouth by Wally is just ticked off, not hurt. Reckless Natsu decides to go after him to get his revenge using his nose, he starts to run towards him.

Shô's anger

Shô's anger

Elsewhere, a mysterious man appears before Jellal. He asks him why he let Erza live, and Jellal replies that the world would be too boring a place without her. However, now that the Tower of Heaven is done, she needs to die. Not only this, she will become a sacrifice to his end. In the ship, Erza wakes up. She asks to be untied, as she doesn’t plan to fight back. Shô denies her that, calling her a traitor. Erza then ask to at least be able to put on her armor, as she is afraid to go back to that place without it. Shô hugs her and tells her that he doesn’t want to do “this” and tells her he missed her. He then with an angry face shouts “Why did you betray Jellal?”

Erza remembers her horrendous past. She and other children are contemplating something, and they have to hide. Erza, however, is too scared of what will happen to her if the guards find out. Jellal arrives, and tells her not to be afraid as they will get their freedom, their dreams and aspirations.

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