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The Tower of Heaven is the 76th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

As Erza is surprised to see Shô, a boy from her past, the rest of Team Natsu along with Juvia are ambushed and defeated by others from Erza's past. Erza and Happy, who was kidnapped as a present for the cat-loving Millianna, are then transported to the Tower of Heaven.


Juvia protects Gray from Simon

Erza meets Shô, a boy from her past who took away her smile and makes her tremble. After being attacked by Simon, Gray gets ready to fight him but Juvia intervenes, saying that she would protect him and no one shall touch him.

However, Simon telepathically learns that Shô has Erza, and uses Darkness Magic to create a Dark Moment a spell that darkens everywhere. In the cover of Darkness, Simon attacks Gray and Juvia, and Wally attacks Natsu with his gun. When the light comes up, Shô shows Erza that he has learned Magic Card, and has trapped every human in the room inside cards which startles Erza. Millianna a woman with a cat-like appearance, then, appears and binds Lucy using her tubes. Erza is in a state of turmoil.

Erza's friends from the past

Erza says what is she doing, it is her friend and Shô says that aren't we your nakama too until you betrayed us! Wally and Simon arrives, shocking Erza. She says that they were her former nakama. While Erza is distracted saying to release Lucy, Wally shoots Erza with a Sleep Bullet. Millianna makes sure that Lucy’s body will be catfood after five minutes. As they leave, Wally gives Millianna Happy as a gift which renders her very happy. They leave with Erza and Happy as hostages and Shô tears in his eyes says sister you are now going home, to the Tower of Heaven.

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