Frederick and Yanderica is the 70th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Team Natsu leaves for a job in Onibus Town, where they find out that the job initially to enhance the performance with their magical abilities turns out to be different as the theater's actors ran away. They then proceed to perform a ridiculous performance, but despite the mistakes they make, the audience loves the play. Their client, Rabian, seeing their success, withholds their pay and demands them to act out the same play three more days in a row as a result.



Onibus Town theater

After the long war against Phantom Lord, everyone at Fairy Tail is sad because of the destruction caused. Not so much because of the destruction itself, but because of the fact that almost all the reward money from jobs goes to the repair. After Lucy complains about the team's destructive antics, Mirajane then suggests a job that doesn't need anything destroyed. The job consists of Lucy and the team using their Magic to attract viewers for a show, but they learn, much to their annoyance, that the actors have backed out, and the show is off. However, the group volunteers to act, and the show is back on. Erza will be the prince Frederick, Lucy the princess Yanderica, Gray the antagonist and Natsu and Happy as the Dragon (Natsu inside a Dragon suit and Happy carrying the Dragon), and they each rehearse, pass out flyers, and get excited for the performance.

Natsu as a Dragon

Happy and Natsu's "Dragon"

The show starts and a lot of people from old adventures come to watch. When Lyra starts to sing, the audience is mesmerized. The play is awkward as it progresses, as names are stated wrong and lines are rushed and skipped. Natsu then comes out, and by an error of Happy’s, sets fire to Lucy. A huge commotion follows, which leaves the theater broken but the audience pleased. After that, the screenwriter is shown to hire the team to do three shows a day. Now, all Lucy wants is to go home.

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