Goodbye is the 68th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Lucy comes back to her house and talk with her father, who tells her that she will be marrying a rich prince; however, Lucy states that she did not return as his daughter, but has come to warn him not to touch her new family again, much to the shock of her father. After leaving, Lucy visits her mother's grave, but is surprised to see the rest of Team Natsu running in her direction, asking her to return to Fairy Tail. When she explains everything to them, they are relieved to hear of it and head back to the guild with her.


When Lucy arrives at her house, every servant is happy to see her. They genuinely love her and are happy to see her, but one of the servants tells her that her father is waiting for her in his room. She dresses up like she would when she lived there, and goes to confront her father. When she meets him, she tells him that she is sorry she left without a word.

Lucy's resolution

Her father, Jude Heartfilia thinks of this as her return, and begins to tell her of his plans to marry her to a rich man. All he thinks is business, so Lucy is forced to cut him short. She states she went there to make things known to him. She will search for her own happiness her own way, and also threatens him not to go near Fairy Tail again, or he will be considered an enemy. She confesses she doesn't want dresses, or fortunes, or anything. She renounces her identity as Lucky Lucy Heartfilia, and proclaims that her new family knows her as just Lucy. She tells her father it will be hard to leave the house she lived with her mother, and also her friends (the servants), but she states that if her mom were still alive, she would want her to do what she feels it’s right.

Team Natsu comes for Lucy

She goes away, and stops by her mother’s memorial before leaving. Oddly enough, Layla Heartfilia died the same year all the Dragons left, but Lucy doesn’t know this. On her way out, the group catches up with her, with everyone glad to see her (Happy and Natsu were actually crying). Erza compliments on the village, but Lucy says it is her family’s garden, up until a nearby mountain. This sends everyone into a state of sycophancy (Natsu and Gray salute Lucy and Erza says that the sky is blue), and Lucy, talking to her mother in heaven says that Fairy Tail is already a part of her, and doesn’t think she can live without them. Together, Fairy Tail’s Strongest Team returns home.

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