My Decision is the 67th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The battle between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord is over. The Magic Council squad comes to interrogate Fairy Tail, and after one week of interrogation, they have decided to postpone their judgement. Lucy writes a letter to her mother about the war and wonders why her father wants her back. Meanwhile, Natsu, Gray , Happy and Erza complete some work in the construction of the guild and decide to head to Lucy's house, only to find that she's not there.


Natsu telling everyone to run

Natsu tells everyone to run

After the end of the arduous war opposing Fairy Tail to Phantom Lord, Fairy Tail is the victor, the Magic Council members have now surrounded everyone. Natsu tells everyone to run but is captured instead and Makarov starts crying as Erza tries to calm him down.

One week after the war, the guild is slowly rebuilding. Lucy is telling her mother in a letter about what has happened and that the council members have interrogated them for one week, they have decided to give their verdict later. Lucy is still suffering from the injuries due to the war. She wonders if it was really his father's doing. She fears her father might do it again, a thought she cannot bear. She remembers when she was a child and she was giving her father rice ball which she made by herself. But her father refused, shouting at Lucy, saying that she is bothering him and making her run away with tears in her eyes. After that, Lucy wonders why her father would want her back home.

Team Natsu's shock at hearing Lucy went home

Team Natsu's shock at hearing Lucy went home

The work is going on slowly, and everyone is having fun with it, Natsu and Gray are competing with each other to see who can carry most logs. Juvia has stayed behind, and made Gray a lunch box, which gets eaten by Natsu. Loke then comes by with Lucy’s keys, and wants Gray or Natsu to give them to her. He is shown to have an antipathy for Celestial Spirit Mages, or rather, a fear of. The guys went to Lucy's home, but do not find her there. Erza finds a note, while Happy finds lots of letters that she wrote to her mom. They haven't been sent. Erza then reads a note, which says she went home. As they decide to follow Lucy and bring her back, the blonde Mage rides a train home.

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Magic, Spells, and Abilities used

Magic used

  • Giant (巨人(ジヤイアント) Jiyaianto)
  • Aera ((エーラ) Ēra)

Spells used

  • None

Abilities used

  • Flight


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