The Best Guild is the 64th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The Phantom Lord Guild collapses as the chaotic battle between Natsu and Gajeel is concluded, with Natsu gaining victory. In the meantime, the battle between Erza and Jose Porla continues. Just when Jose is about to kill Erza, Makarov appears as another gruesome battle between two guild masters is about to start.


Happy carrying Lucy to safety

Happy carries Lucy to safety

As the Phantom Lord Guild collapses, Natsu is now even with Gajeel who is lying unconscious and defeated. Happy uses his Aera to get Lucy out of the building, Natsu is unable to move because of his arduous battle with Gajeel. Lucy says to Natsu that he overdid it again and says that he is kinda cool.

Erza vs. Jose

Erza vs. Jose

Meanwhile, Erza and Master Jose are having a brutal fight. Jose states that The Salamander likes to rampage. Erza is holding on by sheer willpower, because her forces have left her as she has stopped Jupiter and battled against Aria the strongest of Element 4. She says that Natsu may be on the same level as her or may even be stronger than her. Jose flatters Titania saying that her Magic is magnificent and no one has ever lasted so long against him in a battle. Jose also claims that the only reason he has not killed Makarov yet is because he wants Makarov to see in despair and sorrow his Guild and Nakama annihilated when he wakes up. Jose is obsessed with being the number one Guild. Jose expresses his jealousy towards Makarov, for the fact that he has Erza, Laxus, Mystogan, Gildarts and the entire guild climbing to the top in these few years.

Jose binds Erza, he then tells Erza about Lucy's wealth which startles her. But she then mocks Jose because of his mistakes about gathering the information about Lucy saying that she escaped from home and lives in a house with a rent of 70,000 Jewel and she works like everyone hard to complete jobs. Just when Jose is about to land the final blow on Erza, Makarov arrives. Both Masters prepare to fight. Jose reminds Makarov that their battle will cause a cataclysm. But Makarov doesn’t care, as long as it is for his children’s and guild’s sake.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Battles & Events

Magic, Spells, and Abilities used

Magic used

  • Aera ((エーラ) Ēra)
  • Shade (幽兵(シェード) Shēdo)

Spells used

Abilities used

  • Flight
  • Swordsmanship

Armors used

Weapons used

  • Sword


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