Now We're Even is the 63rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The war between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord continues, with the Fairy Tail Mages shocked and desperate seeing their guild fall apart. Witnessing that, Natsu remembers his first time at Fairy Tail and stands up against Gajeel, even though he has no more Magic Power left. Meanwhile, Sagittarius, Lucy's Celestial Spirit, shoots a machine nearby, causing an explosion and thus, providing Natsu with flames. With Natsu's Magic Power replenished, he beats Gajeel and pays him back for all the grief and sorrow Phantom Lord caused to his comrades, inspiring his guild mates.


Natsu first time seeing Fairy Tail

Natsu's first time seeing Fairy Tail

The conflict between the two powerful Guilds, Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord continues ensuing chaos and injuries everywhere. Natsu sees the building that he worships reduced to ruins by Phantom Lord, Natsu remembers the first time he came into the guild, where he was fascinated by the big size of the building, and Makarov, back then, explains the eternal mystery and adventure which holds the name of the guild.

Natsu barely able to stand up

Natsu determination to fight for his comrades

Natsu recalls first meeting with Gray Fullbuster (Cana Alberona telling Gray to put on some clothes) and Erza Scarlet, who introduced herself to Natsu. He remembers Makarov asking him if he liked the guild and Natsu replies that he would be delighted to join in the guild. In the present, all the Fairy Tail members are crying, grief in their heart for losing their adored building, which is being destroyed right before their eyes. Natsu, after having these memories, is barely able to stand up and is unable to defend himself against Gajeel.

Natsu's glare

Natsu's threatening look

Happy states that Natsu has used too much of his Magic battling fiercely against Jupiter and the Element 4, and that if only he could eat some fire, Natsu wouldn't lose to anyone. Hearing this, Sagittarius says that there has been a misunderstanding. He states that he cannot materialize fire per se, but he can create it. He shoots his arrows into a machine, causing an explosion and subsequently producing flames, which Natsu voraciously eats. Giving Gajeel a threatening stare, Natsu, remembering all his friends' grief and injuries, punches his enemy, who retaliates with a Iron Dragon's Roar; however, Natsu reflects it with his bare hands. Natsu states that picking a fight with Fairy Tail was the wrong thing to do. Natsu hits Gajeel to pay him back for everyone he harmed and for destroying his guild. Gajeel is beaten to a pulp and is thus defeated, heavy damage also caused to the Phantom Lord building because of Natsu's destructive attacks. Natsu's victory inspires everyone, but Natsu, exhausted, loses consciousness.

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