When the Fairy Fell is the 62nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The battle between Fairy Tail and Jose's Shades rages on, with the Mages losing. In the battle between Gajeel and Natsu, Natsu is weakened, as Gajeel manages to replenish his lost energy by eating some iron, gaining an advantage over his fatigued opponent.


Sagittarius' first summoning

Sagittarius is summoned

The Shades became formidable opponents and start to destroy Fairy Tail's headquarters, and the Fairies are powerless to stop it.

Meanwhile, the battle of the Dragon Slayers rages on, and both seem to be on par with each other. The result is more destruction, and Gajeel plays dirty by eating some iron, which replenishes his strength, while Natsu is still debilitated.

Lucy has to find a way for him to eat fire, and her only option is to call Sagittarius, the one Celestial Spirit key she has left and hope he can produce fire in any way, though she has yet to form a contract with him. Upon being summoned, Sagittarius appears, surprising Lucy and Happy. Lucy asks if he can shoot fire, but Sagittarius replies that he can't. Natsu is then left powerless before Gajeel, who ruthlessly beats him up and tells him to look at the thing he's fighting for so hard; Natsu looks up and sees his destroyed guild.

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