Wings of Fire is the 60th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

While Erza and Jose begin to fight, Gajeel picks on a defenseless Lucy, but Lucy remains defiant and taunts Gajeel and Phantom Lord. Gajeel is infuriated, and he is about to kill Lucy, but Natsu suddenly bursts through the floor and saves her.


Jose Arrives

Jose arrives

Gray, Elfman and Mirajane find Erza and compliment her on her victory over Aria, but their celebration is cut short by an ominous presence - Jose, who enters the room. He engages them in battle and quickly disposes of Gray, Elfman and Mirajane. Even in her weakened state, Erza fights back, making Jose impressed that she could still stand after being hit by Jupiter. Erza says that it is her friends who strengthen her heart, to which Jose expresses his delight in the fact that he would destroy her.

Natsu's fury - Phantom Lord

Natsu comes to save Lucy

Meanwhile, Gajeel throws knives at Lucy. His allies protest at his actions, but Gajeel responds that he is bored. Lucy then belittles Phantom Lord and Gajeel, and challenges him by telling him to kill her, as Fairy Tail would never forgive them and chase them down for the rest of their lives. Gajeel throws a knife whose trajectory is heading for Lucy; however, Natsu bursts through the floor, blocking the knife's trajectory, and punches Gajeel with a flame-covered fist.

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