Inspire is the 59th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Even with the Element 4 defeated, Jose successfully retrieves Lucy and increases his amount of Shades and orders his remaining members to fight Fairy Tail, directing Gajeel to guard Lucy. Erza then orders Natsu to save Lucy. Meanwhile, at Porlyusica's house, Makarov has woken up.


With the Element 4 defeated, Abyss Break is stopped, angering Jose. Suddenly, Gajeel arrives with a semi-conscious Lucy. The Phantom Lord members ask whether Lucy is still alive, saying that they wouldn't be able to receive their reward if she is dead. Gajeel kicks her and gets a reaction, proving that she still is alive. Jose is delighted and compliments Gajeel on his good work.

Meanwhile, Loke arrives to find a wounded Reedus. Loke asks him where Lucy is, but Reedus just keeps apologizing. Loke blames himself for not being there to help.

Makarov Awakens

Makarov awakens

Jose announces that their first objective has been achieved, to capture Lucy, and that their second objective is to destroy Fairy Tail. The number of Shades increases, as well as their power. Jose himself joins the fight and leaves Gajeel to guard Lucy. Downstairs, Erza wakes up and tells Natsu to let his sleeping power awaken. She states that he would be the one to surpass her, and sends him after Lucy; this statement fires Natsu up even more than ever before. Meanwhile in Porlyusica’s house, Porlyusica notices that Makarov has opened his eyes.

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  • Abyss Break (煉獄砕破(アビスブレイク) Abisu Bureiku)

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