There is Always Someone Better is the 58th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu and Aria fight, but Aria effortlessly defeats Natsu and prepares to drain his Magic Power. However, Erza intervenes and fights Aria, defeating him and successfully stopping Abyss Break, before its completion.


The Fairy Tail Mages are worried about the completion of Abyss Break and hope that Natsu and the others will defeat the Element 4 in time.

Mirajane and Elfman arrive at an area outside the building to see Gray and a defeated Juvia. They explain everything to Gray and the three goes to find Aria, the last member of the Element 4 left standing. Meanwhile, Natsu and Aria are fighting. Aria has control of the battle and Natsu is left powerless by his Airspace Magic. Having defeated Natsu, Aria then prepares to use the same Magic that he used on Makarov, to drain Natsu's Magic Power, but Erza intervenes. She is furious because she recognizes her Master’s opponent, and Aria meets her in a fitting manner. He removes the blindfold from his eyes, which he normally keeps on in order to contain his overwhelming Magic Power. Meanwhile, the Magic circle for Abyss Break is almost complete.

Erza beats Aria

Aria is defeated by Erza

Aria activates his Zero airspace, his strongest Magic that consumes all life. Erza is offended by this kind of Magic and charges in. She cuts her way through Aria's airspace, and with her Heaven’s Wheel Armor, defeats Aria with several strikes, angrily stating that Makarov could never be defeated by the likes of him. With all members of the Element 4 defeated, Abyss Break has successfully been stopped.

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