The Heat of Battle is the 53rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The war between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord continues and the time for Jupiter to fire is running close. Natsu and Happy fight Totomaru, who is blocking the way to destroy Jupiter. The fight is difficult as both Mages render the other's abilities ineffective. Natsu soon expands his flames and Totomaru evades the attack, but Natsu, actually aiming for Jupiter, successfully destroys it. Seeing Jupiter's destruction, Fairy Tail is inspired and Natsu, now angry, is determined to crush Phantom Lord.


Fairy Tail's members are fighting with all their might to protect their guild and also to protect their comrade Lucy. They are fighting against Jose's Shades, but the Shades are proven to be indestructible. While Mirajane, who has used Transformation Magic and has disguised herself as Lucy, is watching the arduous war between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord.

Natsu spits on Totomaru

Fire Dragon's spit

Meanwhile, inside the cannon, The Lacrima is reaching its full potential charging Jupiter. Neither Natsu nor Totomaru the Fire Mage and one of the Element 4, who has the ability to control fire of other Fire Mages, seem to be able to get the upper hand since both of their abilities render the other’s fire ineffective. Natsu, trying to figure out another way of beating Totomaru, then pretends to hit him with Fire Dragon's Roar, but he instead spits at Totomaru, making Totomaru furious. He retaliates by releasing Orange Fire and when Natsu smells this, due his good sense of smell, his nose is gravely affected, but Totomaru claims that it was Natsu who had started. Happy, in the meantime, is panicking as the time for Jupiter to charge is very close, but he tells Natsu to remain calm.

Angry Natsu determined to crush Phantom

An angry Natsu determined to crush Phantom Lord

Natsu then gives up his fire and uses melee combat, but Totomaru has a Katana. Natsu then devises a plan; he expands his fires greatly, and using the Flames of Emotion, making Totomaru unable to control them. Natsu says to Totomaru that it is his Fire and that no one will control it except him. Natsu aims for the Lacrima instead of Totomaru, and it is fortunately destroyed, stopping Jupiter from firing. Happy then claims it was he who was not calm. Natsu’s victory inspires the other members of the guild. An angry Natsu is now more than ever determined to counterattack and crush Phantom Lord.

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Battles & Events

Magic, Spells, and Abilities used

Magic used

Spells used

  • Shuriken Cards
  • Orange Fire (橙の炎(オレンジファイア) Orenji Faia)
  • Blue Fire (青い炎(ブリューファイア) Burū Faia)

Abilities used

Weapons used

  • Magic Guns
  • Magic Cards
  • Katana


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