15 Minutes is the 52nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

In order to stop Jupiter's attack, Erza sacrifices herself, using her body to shield her guild mates. The Fairy Tail Mages then decide to have a team infiltrate the Phantom Lord guild, while the rest defend their own guild. Inside the cannon, Natsu finds himself face to face with a new enemy, the Great Fire of the Element 4, Totomaru.


Adamantine Armor(Manga Ver.)

Erza's Adamantine Armor

Seeing the activation of Jupiter, Erza tells her guild mates to get down and goes to Requip into her Adamantine Armor, planning to stop the attack, surprising her fellow guild members. Jupiter then fires and Erza stops the attack with her armor. The armor is destroyed on impact but manages to hold the attack. However, Erza's Magic is greatly depleted and she is therefore unable to get up.

Mirajane as Lucy

Mirajane as Lucy

Seeing this, Jose points out that with Erza and Makarov both out of commission, the Fairy Tail Mages doesn't stand a chance. He then orders them to hand over Lucy but the guild members refuse, finding it despicable that Jose would think of them as someone who would give their comrades to the enemy. Hearing his enemies' defiance, Jose presents them with two options: be blown away by Jupiter in fifteen minutes, or be destroyed by the Shades, his creatures. Seeing their situation, Cana concludes that they need to do something with Jupiter. Natsu presents himself and goes to stop it with Happy. Gray and Elfman follow the two and Cana tells them that she and Loke will strengthen their defense. Meanwhile, Mirajane tells Lucy that they will send her into a hideout. Lucy refuses, wanting to fight as well but Mirajane casts a sleeping spell on her and tells Reedus to take her. Mirajane then transforms into Lucy, wanting to help her comrades at any cost.

Totomaru appears

The Great Fire, Totomaru

Meanwhile, Natsu and Happy have reached the cannon and are attempting to destroy it from the outside, but to no avail. Happy suggests that they go inside and Natsu agrees. The two enters the cannon and finds themselves face to face with Totomaru, the Great Fire of the Element 4.

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