Lucy Heartfilia is the 50th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

With their Guild Master incapacitated, the Fairy Tail members are forced to retreat. Meanwhile, Natsu, having overheard Gajeel and Aria's conversation about Lucy, goes and successfully rescues her. Lucy apologizes to him, saying it's all her fault, as her father is the one behind the attack, but pleads that she be allowed to remain within the guild.


Natsu demanding for Lucy's location

Natsu demands Lucy's whereabouts

Seeing Makarov incapacitated, Fairy Tail loses their fighting spirit, while Phantom Lord gains more confidence. Seeing this, Erza orders her guild mates to retreat. No one wants to leave, but she persuades them to. While leaving, Natsu overhears Gajeel and Aria chat about Lucy's kidnapping, and Natsu quickly takes a hostage himself, in order to learn Lucy's whereabouts. The Phantom Lord member doesn’t want to speak, but Natsu has his ways of making people talk; burning them with his Magic. The member tells Natsu of their headquarters, and Natsu goes there immediately.

Lady Lucy Heartfilia

Lady Lucy Heartfilia

In the Phantom Lord headquarters, Lucy awakes, bound and left in a prison. Jose arrives and the two begin to talk. Jose offers her better conditions, but Lucy demands to know the reason behind Phantom Lord's attack. Jose states that it's just a passing effect, and tells her that it was actually her father who ordered her kidnapping, and the destruction of Fairy Tail was just an added bonus. Lucy is devastated to hear this, and screams that she will never go back. She then asks to be released, saying that she has to go to the bathroom. Jose thinks these tricks are laughable, but when she insists, he gives her a bucket. Lucy pretends to strip, and when Jose turns around, she kicks him in the crotch. He is instantly incapacitated, and Lucy attempts to leave, but finds out that she is being kept in a sky prison.

Natsu saves Lucy

Natsu saves Lucy

Unwilling to go home, and trusting her life into Natsu's hands, she jumps off the cell. Their friendship is so strong that she actually felt him approaching, and it is indeed Natsu who saves her. She reaches the ground safe and sound. Natsu then bickers with Happy, on whether to go home or not, and in this moment Lucy starts to cry, telling him it is her fault all this happened. However, she still wants to be in the guild, because she loves it. Natsu is convinced by this, and leaves. Meanwhile, Jose, still reeling from Lucy's assault, swears vengeance on the Celestial Spirit Mage and shows his true face: one of pure evil.

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