The Moon Can Be Hidden by Clouds; Flowers Can Be Scattered by the Wind is 49th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The war between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord continues. However, Jose's cheap tricks, combined with Aria's surprise attack, causes Makarov to lose his Magic Power. With their Guild Master down, Fairy Tail are left with no hope of winning the war.


Natsu finds Gajeel

Battle of the Dragon Slayers: Fire vs. Iron

The battle between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord continues with Fairy Tail seemingly having the upper hand. Makarov then leaves to find Master Jose, and Gajeel immediately enters the fight, easily taking down Nab, Warren and some of his own comrades. Elfman confronts him, but Natsu interferes. Though Elfman starts telling Natsu that he can't interrupt a man's fight, he ultimately lets him do as he pleases, and Natsu, fueled by anger, attacks Gajeel, however the two manage to hold their own against each other.

Makarov defeated

Makarov loses his Magic

As the battle between the Dragon Slayers rages on, the whole guild begins to shake, and everyone from Fairy Tail understands that Makarov is behind it, Makarov's Magic Power which is called Giant's Wrath. Upstairs, Makarov’s anger is hitting its full force. On the highest room, he finds Jose, who acts quiet and playful. Makarov then attacks him, only to find that it is a Thought Projection. Jose tells Makarov that he left in fear of a cataclysm (one that happens in case two of the Ten Wizard Saints fight each other). He then reveals that he took Lucy, asking the Fairy Tail Master whether he knows who Lucy Heartfilia really is. Jose then feigns an attack on her, distracting Makarov as Aria, Air of the Element 4, appears behind him. Before Makarov can recover from the shock, Aria uses his Metsu to drain every ounce of Magic Power from Makarov. The latter then falls to the floor, and at this sight, Fairy Tail loses their fighting spirit.

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