Tear is the 46th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

While Team Natsu leaves Galuna Island, Lyon considers joining a guild. Meanwhile, Ultear and Siegrain discuss their future plans and how Natsu will be a key component in them. When Team Natsu arrives back in Magnolia, they are shocked to see their guild destroyed, metal rods being implanted in it.


The morning after their ordeal with the Demon Deliora, Lucy inspects Gray's scar. Lucy says it is permanent, but Gray tells her that he likes it and wants it to be visible. Natsu questions what kind of injury would be invisible, thus starting a fight between the two Mages. As they get ready to leave, Erza speaks to the villagers and says that since the request was fulfilled unofficially, they cannot take the reward money, but out of respect for their new found friendship, they would take the Celestial Spirit Gate key.

They all leave using the ship Erza hijacked, with every villager wanting them to come and visit again sometime. Lyon and his team look on from afar, and Lyon, having followed Gray’s advice, asks Sherry if guilds are fun.

At Era, Ultear arrives and meets with Siegrain. They are both disappointed about Deliora’s fate, and it's revealed that the daughter Ur thought was dead is actually Ultear. She belittles her mother, but nevertheless, they both think highly of her Magic. Ultear thinks highly of Natsu Dragneel too, and Siegrain thinks that for his plan to work, Natsu must burn bright.

Destroyed Guild

The destroyed guild

Team Natsu returns home, fretting over the reward. Erza reminds them of the punishment and Natsu, Happy and Gray mention "that". They are so afraid of "that" that Natsu tries to run away, Gray talks to himself, and Happy is in denial. Lucy wonders what "that" is; but she only gets fear in response. She groans as Erza pulls them along. On their way, the group notices a lot of the citizens are looking at them sympathetically, whispering that they haven’t seen "it" yet. As the group gets closer to their guild, they see it has been heavily damaged, almost completely torn apart by large metal rods.

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