Make it There, to the Sky! is the 45th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

With the preparations for the destruction of the moon ready, Erza and Natsu get in position to destroy it. Erza proceeds to throw her De-Malevo-Lance, and powered by Natsu's flames, the spear travels high into the sky and startles everyone as a mysterious purple dome is destroyed instead of the moon. Erza then explains to the villagers that they are actually demons, not humans, and that their memory was affected by the dome over Galuna Island.


Purple Dome destroyed

Erza destroys the dome of gas

Erza and Natsu have decided that they are going to destroy the moon. The villagers are excited, but Gray, Lucy and Happy are a bit frightened. Erza devises a plan; she will throw the De-Malevo-Lance, and Natsu will propel it even further with his fiery abilities. A little later, everything is ready and the lance is thrown. The lance appears to break the moon, but, after a few seconds, it is shown that it’s not the moon that crumbles; it is instead the transparent dome of glass above them. Such a dome was created by gas released from the ritual; that crystallized and formed the evil lens. This lens was apparently the reason why the moon looked purple, and also the reason why the villagers lost their memories of being Demons.

Siegrain communicating with Ultear

Siegrain communicating with Ultear

Erza explains that the villagers were in fact Demons from the beginning, but the dome manipulated their memories into thinking that they were humans. They remember this fact, and also remember their history. This is also the reason why they couldn't approach the ruins. Being of darkness, they couldn't get near such holy light. After these events, Bobo enters the village, and shows everyone that he is actually alive. Everyone rejoices, and spreads their wings, dancing in the night's sky like angels and they decide to have a feast. From the shadows, Zalty sees it all, and using his sphere, he communicates it to Siegrain. He then breaks his transformation, turning into Ultear. Siegrain hopes that Fairy Tail will never interrupt their plans, and the communication is cut.

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