Emperor Spriggan is the 444th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Gathering people in the boats, Team Natsu, Wendy and Carla get sent elsewhere via Mest's Teleportation Magic, where they find out that Sorano has been a spy all along, knowing Makarov's exact location as a result. Meanwhile, in Vistarion, Makarov discusses about Emperor Spriggan's deceptive personality with Yazir and, shortly after, he is shocked to realize that the emperor is none other than Zeref himself, returning back home after a year of absence.


As the Mages of Fairy Tail are gathering people in the boats, Erza marvels about Brandish's strength. Shortly after everything settles, though, Mest uses his Teleportation Magic to send the Mages underwater, specifically to a building underneath Caracole Island, where to Mest supposedly got invited by a mysterious spy. As they then start to wonder what to do, the building suddenly changes its shape and starts moving rapidly. Afterwards, the spy appears and turns out to be Sorano, who welcomes the Mages to the Olympia Temple. As the Mages are shocked to see her instead of someone else, Sorano tells them about a favor she has to do for Mest, that being to transport everyone to Makarov, knowing his location.

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Meanwhile, in Albareth Empire's capital of Vistarion, Makarov is playing a card game with Yazir, being confused about the emperor's personality, treating him like a guest and being open to negotiations, as opposed to being tyrannical like Makarov thought he would be a year ago. As the two then converse about him, Makarov eventually loses the game and boasts about Yazir's skill. Immediately after, they hear an announcement about the return of Emperor Spriggan, after a year of his absence. As Yazir tells Makarov to stay calm, the latter listens to the former's advice and starts explaining himself, but is completely shocked to see that Emperor Spriggan is none other than Zeref.

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