The Villagers' Secret is the 44th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

After defeating Deliora, Team Natsu celebrates the completion of their first S-Class job, but Erza reminds them that the job is to destroy the moon, not Deliora. Erza interrogates Lyon about the curse before returning to the village, and finds it to have been rebuilt. Erza asks a couple of questions to the villagers and comes to a conclusion. Requipping into her Giant Armor, Erza asks Natsu to help her destroy the moon.


Erza interrupts the celebration

Erza interrupts the celebration

Natsu, Happy and Lucy celebrate that they have completed their first S-Class request, but Erza interrupts and reminds them that the request was not to destroy Deliora; it is to destroy the moon. They now need to cure the villagers, but have no idea how. Gray asks Lyon, but he too has no clue. Furthermore, he states that his team has been there for nearly three years, and in that time, not a single villager has approached them. He also calls attention to the fact that he and his team have been under the same light for the same time, but they have no deformity. Erza then explains the other survivors' ideas and history, and partially forgives them. Gray stays back to talk to Lyon and suggests that he join a guild, which Lyon brushes off as pointless.

The team returns to the village to see that it is intact, and Natsu, after some consideration, concludes that it must have been Zalty who rebuilt it. Erza gathers everyone in the village, and claims that destroying the moon will be easy. She asks some questions about the color of the moon and their transformation, and while walking, falls into Lucy’s trap which has also been restored.

After getting up acting like nothing happened, for which the villagers say that she is a tough one, she inquires why the villagers didn't investigate. They confess that every time they went near the ruins, they would find themselves by the village’s entrance. The Village Chief Moka tells Erza that they become Demons when the purple moon appears. Zalty who eavesdrops the conversation says that its amazing that Titania has already figured out the case. Erza concludes something, then asking Natsu to come with her, she Requips into her Giant Armor, ready to destroy the moon.

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