Magnolia is the 437th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

With Team Natsu determined to bring the guild back, Lucy starts doubting of such thing happening. However, as Cana arrives, she proves her otherwise and takes the group to all of the members of Fairy Tail, none of them having forgotten about it. With Lucy being happy to see them, Natsu remarks the return of Fairy Tail.


Having arrived at Magnolia after a year of absence, reunited Team Natsu remarks the restoration of the town. With everyone planning to bring the guild back, Lucy recollects her time spent with the guild, feeling nostalgic. Being afraid of what she will see, Lucy tells the group about the letters she's sent to her fellow guildmates in hopes of bringing the guild back, eventually starting to doubt of such thing ever happening due to everyone probably already having forgotten about it.

Lucy cries at Fairy Tail's reunion

Lucy cries at Fairy Tail's reunion

However, everything becomes more clear as Cana arrives and reveals the letter she got from her, being happy she received it. Subsequently taking her to the others, Lucy, along with the rest of Team Natsu, ends up meeting with all of the former members of Fairy Tail, each of them having had their fair share of experiences. As Mirajane welcomes them back, Lucy starts crying, happy to see that everyone got back.

After a brief exchange of looks, Natsu manages to find a torn Fairy Tail flag, proudly bringing it up, remarking the return of Fairy Tail.

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