Memoirs is the 436th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

As Zeref recollects about his past of becoming cursed, he reveals that Natsu is his younger brother whom he managed to revive. Afterwards, he goes to meet with Acnologia, desiring to announce the final battle against humanity.


In the Mildian Magic Academy, young Zeref hands his written work to his professors. They are shocked to see that he has written about a connection between Magic and life and death, something which is considered a taboo subject. As he is warned not to do such things ever again, Zeref expresses his curiosity about life and death.

E.N.D. is born

E.N.D. is born

As Zeref wakes up from his dream, he mentions his brother's death and starts recollecting about his various research topics, one of which was the R-System itself. He recalls how the R-System greatly impressed everyone, but further angered his professors for dealing with a taboo topic. As years pass, Zeref starts his research on his new idea, the Eclipse Project. While researching, one of the professors comes in, wondering if all of his creations are attempts to bring back his deceased brother. The latter then proceeds by telling him that he is expelled from the academy. Shocked to hear this, Zeref wants to explain his doings, but the professor angrily tells him he can't bring his brother back, something which causes Zeref to go delirious, ending up being cursed by Ankhseram and, subsequently, killing all of his surroundings. Zeref then starts explaining the sadness of his cursed life, as well as his wish to die, something which led him to create the Etherious, including E.N.D., who turns out to be his younger brother whom he managed to revive.

Wanting to talk with Natsu about Igneel and Mavis in the future, Zeref leaves, heading towards a mysterious location. As he arrives, he ends up meeting with Acnologia, albeit in his human form. The two then start a discussion about their purposes as well as their goals, with Zeref coming to a conclusion of annihilating both Acnologia and mankind. As Zeref wonders if the latter always wanted to fight against someone with all his strength, Zeref announces the final battle between himself, Acnologia and humanity, something which causes the former to smirk.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Zeref Dragneel
  2. Lullaby (flashback)
  3. Jackal (flashback)
  4. Ezel (flashback)
  5. Franmalth (flashback)
  6. Mard Geer Tartaros (flashback)
  7. Kyôka (flashback)
  8. Seilah (flashback)
  9. Tempester (flashback)
  10. Deliora (flashback)
  11. Torafuzar (flashback)
  12. Keyes (flashback)
  13. Natsu Dragneel (flashback)
  14. Acnologia

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