Cry of Victory is the 435th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.


The Rune Knights arrive at Malba

The Rune Knights led by Gajeel finally arrive

Avatar's plans are completely foiled with the defeat of Ikusa-Tsunagi at Natsu's hands. As the leaders of the cult are astounded by their enemies' strength, their frightened underlings try to escape. D-6 and Abel try to rally their troops, but are taken down by Panther Lily and Gajeel, who command their squad of Rune Knights to arrest the cultists.

While Gray and the others are surprised to see Gajeel as a member of the Magic Council, Lucy reunites with Levy. Soon, Natsu arrives near the group, but refuses to believe that Gajeel could ever be a member of the Council. The latter explains that he was offered the job by Warrod, then proceeds to joke about arresting his friends too for various childish reasons, but soon turns to Gray, saying that the Ice Mage would not be forgiven. At that moment, Erza approaches the small gathering and states that it was due to their efforts that Avatar's plan was thwarted.

Panther Lily and Gajeel agree and express their appreciation for Gray's help while the Devil Slayer apologizes for his actions, then admonished Levy for her poor infiltration skills, revealing that he knew she was there all along. Finally able to talk freely, the former Fairy Tail members make observations about each other's growth, then let out a mighty cheer on having completed their task successfully.

Gray and others fawn on Frosch

Frosch's cuteness is appreciated

Meanwhile, Rogue, Sting and Lector observe the team and marvel at their feats. They suddenly realize that Frosch has gone down to meet them. Gray soon notices the Exceed, much to Natsu's consternation as he remembers Future Rogue's warning. But he is relieved when Gray proclaims the Exceed cute and cuddles it, although this makes Rogue and Juvia jealous. Sting tells his partner to calm down and they head down to meet the group, which is currently happily fawning over Frosch.

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