Hôken is the 434th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Ikusa-Tsunagi unleashes his attack upon the scattered forces of Avatar and Fairy Tail Mages, who dodge it. The sheer power of the Yakuma Battle God's sword manages to split the ground open, but Natsu manages to climb up on it and make his way upon the head of the creature. As he counters Alok's statement of true purpose of living, Natsu lands a powerful attack upon Ikusa-Tsunagi, which manages to shatter him into pieces, prompting Erza to acknowledge Natsu's increase in power.


As Ikusa-Tsunagi starts his rampage by splitting a huge amount of earth, someone starts climbing him, being none other than Natsu himself.

Ikusa-Tsunagi is killed

Ikusa-Tsunagi is killed

As Alok tells him that a mere human can't stand a chance against him, Natsu responds by questioning his treatment of his friends. While Alok doesn't believe in such a thing, Natsu gives him a lecture by telling him that friends are people who stick together no matter what. With Alok referring to it as dependence, Natsu says that friends are the ones who have gotten him through the rough times. Further telling him to never underestimate the power of friendship, Natsu proceeds by attacking the beast with Fire Dragon's Iron Fist. As Alok doesn't believe that Natsu could defeat the Battle God before him, Natsu finishes his speech by saying that he'll continue to get stronger to protect his friends, subsequently using his ultimate move, Fire Dragon King's Destruction Fist, which breaks Ikusa-Tsunagi into pieces, shocking Alok and Erza alike, however the latter's surprise is that of happiness at her friend's growth.

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