Ikusa-Tsunagi is the 433rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu confronts Alok and the remainder of Avatar's troops, and swiftly engages him in battle. As he penetrates Alok's defense, he manages to land a powerful blow and defeat him. Alok, however laughs in the face of defeat and summons Ikusa-Tsunagi, one of the Yakuma Eighteen Battle Gods, as well as reveals the true purpose of Operation Purify: a mass sacrifice that mainly consists of Avatar cultists, whose belief is strong enough to summon Zeref into the battlefield, and lead those who remain. Natsu, hearing this, angrily remarks this course of action as unforgivable, before engaging the enormous Battle God.


Natsu defeats Arlock

Natsu defeats Alok

Standing against Alok, Natsu tells him to leave along with his troops, with the latter denying to do so. After giving him a lecture about life, Alok proceeds by attacking Natsu with his Magic. As he starts his assault by firing a laser, Natsu manages to deflect it and the former responds by creating a barrier to defend himself from his own attack. Natsu then rushes at his enemy, only to end up failing as he hits into his Magic Barrier. Alok, however, fires a barrage of shots able to pass the barrier, angering Natsu in the process. Now enraged, Natsu rushes at the barrier once again, albeit managing to break it this time. Thinking he can defend himself, Alok creates a layer of Magic Barriers, which prove to be futile as Natsu breaks all of them nonetheless. The latter then finishes the fight with his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, dealing massive damage.

Being defeated, Alok tells Natsu about his preparation for his plan and calls forth Ikusa-Tsunagi, with Fairy Tail Mages starting to feel presence of an enormous Magic Power. As the earth starts crumbling, Alok explains Natsu that such event is Operation Purify itself. As the monster starts coming out from the sky, Alok continues his speech by saying that the souls of the Avatar members are his ultimate sacrifice, thinking that Zeref will show himself as a response to the summoning. As Alok tells Natsu that Ikusa-Tsunagi is unstoppable, an enormous monster comes out completely, being recognized by Erza as one of Yakuma Eighteen Battle Gods. Seeing the Battle God, Natsu finds Alok's way of doing things despicable and angrily resolves to defeat him.

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