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Operation Purify is the 430th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Gray rescues Natsu's group from Avatar's dungeons and contacts Erza, who explains that she recruited Gray to infiltrate the cult and destroy it when they carry out their plan to attack Malba. Gray leads the trio to the town to protect it from Avatar's assault and Erza soon joins them.


Gray apologizes to Lucy for his earlier actions

Soon after freeing Natsu's group from Avatar's cells, Gray contacts Erza using a communication lacrima. As the group heads out, the two explain that Gray had been visiting Porlyusica to help get his Ice Devil Slayer Magic under control and had met Erza, who had requested his assistance in infiltrating Avatar, but decided not to include Juvia in their plan for her own safety. Gray then states the cult's current objective: luring out Zeref by slaughtering the residents of Malba City, their current destination. He also elaborates that defeating Avatar is not easy as it has many branches whose location is unknown, which is why they plan to obliterate them when they all gather at Malba. Gray then apologizes to Lucy for his earlier actions and is instantly forgiven. The team then enthusiastically pledges to protect the town.

Team Natsu stand in Avatar's way

In front of Malba, Alok addresses an assembly of Avatar cultists and expounds upon their purpose while Jerome and Briar consider the possibility of interference and wonder about the absence of Gray and Gômon. Mary, Abel and D-6 just seem excited at the possibility of meeting Zeref. On Alok's command, the cultists begin their assault, but are met with resistance at the entrance to the town. Gray, Natsu, Happy and Lucy stand in front of the Avatar troops and vow to guard the town, Gray's betrayal greatly angering Jerome. While Briar tries to rally the cultists, he gets a report that their rear is also being attacked. The culprit is none other than Erza, who easily thins their ranks as she charges in riding a horse. The former Fairy Tail Mages then state that they will stop Avatar's nefarious ritual.

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