Burst is the 43rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Gray, Natsu, and Lyon are about to fight the released Deliora. Natsu steps up and gets ready as Deliora prepares to throw a punch. However, Deliora suddenly crumbles into debris; Ur had already killed Deliora with Iced Shell at the cost of her life. Gray cries in gratitude for his former teacher's selfless actions, and Lucy mentally comments that Ur is a part of the ocean now, looking after her apprentices and wanting them to get along.


Gray, now facing Deliora, meets Natsu, who wants to kill it as well. Lyon interrupts, crawling near them, and announces that he would kill it. Lyon remembers the first time he looked for Ur to become her apprentice and about the time when he scolded her for taking Gray as a second apprentice, and Lyon asked her if he wasn’t enough a replacement for her dead daughter; Ur, after slapping him, confessesed that she never saw him as a replacement, but as a beloved apprentice. This makes him stand up, but Gray knocks him out. Gray resorts to Iced Shell, but Natsu walks in front of him, and proclaims that he would fight it.

Deliora's death

Deliora crumbles into pieces

Deliora raises a fist, and Natsu prepares to use Fire Dragon's Iron Fist to counter; however, Deliora begins to crack and crumbles into debris; Ur had actually killed Deliora with Iced Shell. Deliora was already long dead. Natsu compliments Gray on his teacher's power, and Gray, remembering Ur’s words, “I will seal your darkness”, cries in gratitude. Lucy then mentally comments that Ur was still alive, part of the world’s ocean, looking after her apprentices, and wishing for them to get along.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Deliora
  2. Natsu Dragneel
  3. Gray Fullbuster
  4. Lyon Vastia
  5. Ur (flashback)
  6. Erza Scarlet
  7. Lucy Heartfilia

Battles & Events

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