When We Take Different Paths is the 428th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Gray, confronted by Natsu, Happy and Lucy in Avatar's headquarters, tells his former comrades that he has abandoned Fairy Tail and joined Avatar of his own volition. The intruders are then captured by Mary, Jerome, Gômon and Abel. Meanwhile, Gajeel prepares his squad of Rune Knights to attack the cult after the return of his informant, Levy, who is also a member of his squad.


Wendy taking care of Juvia

Wendy continues to take care of Juvia

In Amefurashi Village, Wendy continues to tend to Juvia's fever and expresses her belief in Natsu and Gray. Meanwhile, in the Avatar headquarters, Gray and Natsu battle each other, with Natsu trying to convince Gray to help them rebuild Fairy Tail as it will always exist in the hearts of its members. Gray responds that the Guild is no more and that he is not required to revive it since he has abandoned it.

Lucy finds Gray's statements unbearable and slaps him, telling him that they will always be comrades. Suddenly, she feels a sharp pain in her abdomen and collapses. This is revealed to be Mary's doing - the young woman questioning the identity of the intruders. Simultaneously, Natsu and Virgo are chained by a revived Gômon, who uses Magic-sealing handcuffs to diminish his opponents' power, while Abel uses Mr. Cursey to control Happy.

Levy as a Detention Unit member

Levy, the Magic Council's spy in Avatar

When Mary continues to sadistically torture Lucy, Natsu attempts to rush to her aid despite his restraints, but is stopped cold when Jerome appears and threatens to behead Lucy with his sword. The Dragon Slayer tries to reason with the Devil Slayer, telling him to overcome his madness. But the latter informs him that he made the decision to join Avatar whilst perfectly sane and reveals the Avatar symbol branded on his chest in the exact spot where his Fairy Tail mark used to be, enraging Natsu.

Elsewhere, Gajeel's squad of Rune Knights prepares to attack Avatar. Gajeel and Panther Lily are approached by Levy, who is also a Rune Knight and their informant in Avatar. The trio discuss Avatar's motives and the need to stop their mysterious purification ritual. When Levy and Panther Lily question Gajeel's resolve to fight against their former comrade, the Dragon Slayer clearly states that Gray's involvement with the cult makes him their enemy.

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