Pitched Underground Battle is the 427th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu, Happy and Lucy arrive at Avatar's base, with the female Mage using Virgo and the respective Star Dress in an attempt to infiltrate the building. However, Natsu soon blows their cover, calling for Gray. They face Abel, Gômon and D-6 respectively, however all of them defeated by Natsu one-by-one, until, that is, Gray appears in front of the group.


Virgo's Star Dress

Lucy dons Virgo's Star Dress

As Natsu and Happy rush towards the Avatar church, Lucy stops them, suggesting them to be sneaky due to not having knowledge about their enemies. In order to do so, though, Lucy summons Virgo, only to find her tied up as a form of self-punishment. As Virgo and Natsu greet each other after a year of time apart, Lucy uses her Star Dress, this time entering Virgo Form, so that that they may infiltrate Avatar's headquarters, which they successfully do. Natsu then screamingly calls for Gray but, in doing so, alerts all the Avatar members to his presence.

Natsu defeats Abel

Natsu defeats Abel

As angry Lucy yells at him for blowing their cover, Natsu smells his first opponent, Abel, along with Mr. Cursey whom he had received from Kain. As Lucy and Virgo get intimidated upon recalling their battle against Grimoire Heart's Mage, Natsu comes up to Abel and finishes him in one swift punch, telling him that his current main objective is to find Gray. Seeing his comrade defeated, Gômon rushes to Natsu, attempting to use his Magic in order to defeat him. As Lucy and Virgo watch the spat, Gômon telekinetically attacks Natsu with the wooden dragon, which pushes the Fire Dragon Slayer backwards, allowing Gômon to trap him inside an iron maiden. However, upon trapping him inside, the iron maiden starts melting due to intense heat, shocking Gômon in the process. With Gômon now defeated, D-6 is the next to arrive but is still no match for Natsu, and is brushed aside as easily as the others.

Now, with three Avatar members defeated, Gray arrives, vilifying the defeated ones who were thought to be strong. As Gray tells them he'll deal with Natsu himself, Natsu greets him, ready for a showdown.

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