Avatar is the 424th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu and the others head to Amefurashi Village, where they encounter a sick Juvia. She tells them about the time she spent with Gray in the town and his sudden disappearance half a year ago. Promising to bring Gray back, Natsu decides to head to Sabertooth. Simultaneously, a Zeref-worshiping cult named Avatar decides to make its move, Gray among them.


Soon after Wendy and Carla join Natsu, Happy and Lucy on their mission to revive Fairy Tail, the group arrives at Amefurashi Village in search of Juvia as the town is rumored to be afflicted by an endless downpour, something which they confirm with their own eyes.

Juvia alone in Rainfell Town

The group finds Juvia

The group heads into the village, but find it deserted. At that moment, Natsu smells Juvia's scent and they track her down, only to find the woman sitting alone in the rain on a bench, absolutely depressed. She mistakes Natsu for Gray but faints soon after realizing her mistake and recognizing her former guildmates.

Gray the Avatar Mage

Gray is a member of Avatar

She is taken to her house and laid on a bed, diagnosed with a high fever. Juvia then explains that she and Gray used to live in the house together, but he began to act weird one day when his Magic marked his right arm and soon started going off for work alone. Half a year ago, he departed on an errand and never came back, hence Juvia's depression. Juvia tried to search for him, but to no avail, and finally decided to wait for him in the house where their memories had accumulated.

As Juvia apologizes to her friends for not greeting them properly, Natsu assures her that he will bring Gray back along with all their other comrades and rebuild their Guild. Later, after Juvia falls asleep, Natsu, a heavy scowl evident on his face, reveals his intention to head towards Sabertooth.

Meanwhile, in a shady organization named Avatar, the priest Alok declares their objective to create a world for Zeref, his followers in complete agreement, Gray among them.

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