Wendy and Sherria is the 421st chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Following Lamia Scale's Thanksgiving parade, Natsu and Lucy arrive in the Lamia Scale guild building, where they visit Wendy in order to convince her to rejoin Fairy Tail and help them find the other members scattered around Fiore, but find that she does not want to rejoin. That night, as Wendy is told by Sherria to go to her friends, Margaret Town is attacked by Lamia Scale's rival guild, Orochi's Fin. Sherria borrows Happy from Natsu and opts to assist Wendy in dealing with their massive invasion.


Natsu and others greet Wendy

Natsu and others arrive to Wendy

Soon after the end of Lamia Scale's X792 Thanksgiving Parade, the performers gather in a room and discuss the event. Lyon then brings Natsu, Happy and Lucy to visit Wendy, much to the young girl's joy. The three then talk about their plans to revive Fairy Tail and also about the disappearance of Makarov and the problems this is creating for the Magic Council, which has now been taken over by the Ten Wizard Saints. But, when Natsu asks Wendy to help them, Wendy refuses, saying that she is now a part of Lamia Scale. Carla, now in a human form using Transformation Magic, enters the room and supports her decision, stating that Wendy should be allowed to make her own choices.

Later, in their room in an inn, Natsu and the others laze around, still shocked by Wendy's declaration. Meanwhile, Wendy and Sherria talk about Natsu's proposal in their house, Wendy saying that she would never leave Sherria alone. But Sherria states that she would never hold her friend back just because she felt lonely. At that moment, a sudden explosion near the Guild grabs their attention.

Outside, Lyon and the others are evacuating the townsfolk when Natsu and the others arrive. They learn that a rival Guild named Orochi's Fin has sent a pack of monsters to attack them. Simultaneously, on top of a ledge overlooking Margaret Town, some of Orochi's Fin members gather and watch the onslaught, claiming that they will annihilate Lamia Scale.

In the town, Ooba Babasaama deduces that their opponents must have a Monster Tamer amongst their ranks and that he has to be taken out to stop the assault. To avoid confronting the horde of beasts and defeat the Monster Tamer as quickly as possible, Wendy and Sherria take to the air with the help of Carla and Happy and head towards their target's location.

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