Message of Fire is the 419th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu is immediately pardoned by the King for destroying Domus Flau during the X792 Grand Magic Games and stays in Lucy's apartment for the night, where he learns of Fairy Tail's dissolution and Lucy's search for the other members. Deciding to revive the Guild, he boldly emblazons the Guild's name on Mercurius and escapes Crocus with Happy and Lucy to find the other members.


Despite having created a huge ruckus during the X792 Grand Magic Games, Natsu and Happy are acquitted by the King of Fiore. Freshly released from prison, they are greeted by Lucy, who tells them about the events of the past year, notably the dissolution of Fairy Tail. An enraged Natsu rants about everybody going along with this, but Lucy reminds him of his own abandoning of the Guild and states that he has no right to blame the others.

The Message of Fire

Natsu heralds Fairy Tail's revival

As they have no place to stay in for the night, Lucy allows her two friends to stay in her apartment, an offer they immediately accept and soon make themselves at home. In the night, the two guests try to play a prank on Lucy, but halt when they happen on the chart that Lucy has painstakingly created over the past year in an effort to keep track of her former guildmates, surprised by her perseverance.

The next morning, Lucy is astounded to see her house surrounded by the Army. Natsu reveals that they are there for him and immediately escapes with Happy and Lucy. When Lucy asks about the reason for their pursuit, Natsu states that he decided to let everybody know about the revival of Fairy Tail by branding the name on Mercurius itself using his flames, Happy explaining that the flame used is temporary. Lucy tries to protest, but Natsu and Happy's enthusiasm affects her too and the three begin their search for the other Fairies in an attempt to resurrect their Guild.

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