The Ice Blade of Tragic Reality is the 39th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Gray, serious about using Iced Shell on Lyon, initiates it, but is punched by Natsu. When the ruins are fixed from being tilted by Zalty, Natsu runs off to combat him, telling Gray not to disgrace Fairy Tail. Gray, meanwhile, reveals to Lyon that Ur is alive in the ice. However, Lyon reveals that he already knew that and states that the ice is just ice before stabbing Gray in the stomach.


Ruins untilted

The ruins are restored

Gray orders Lyon to retreat, but when Lyon doesn't, Gray initiates the Iced Shell. Lyon thinks it’s a bluff, but Gray is serious. Gray unleashes the Iced Shell, but Natsu punches him out of it. They bicker as always, but this is cut short as the tower begins to shake. Outside, Lucy, Erza and Happy are fighting against the priests. They too witness the un-tilting of the ruins, which is shown to be Zalty’s doing. Natsu chases after him and leaves Gray to fight Lyon, telling him not to disgrace the name of Fairy Tail. Gray then asks Lyon what he would do if the Iced Shell hit, to which Lyon replies that he would take it, since he has comrades with the same goal as him.

Gray then tries to persuade Lyon to leave Deliora be, and tells him the truth about Ur, that Ur is not dead but is alive, just turned to ice. Unfortunately Lyon already knows of this, and draws his sword and stabs Gray, stating that Ur wasn't there, and that it was just scraps of ice.

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