The Eternal Magic is the 38th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Gray recalls the situation leading up to Ur's losing of her body to freeze Deliora. In the present, Gray interrupts Natsu and Lyon's fight, and attempts to stop Lyon by initiating Iced Shell.


While Natsu and Lyon are fighting, Gray remembers the time Ur was fighting Deliora. Gray doesn't want Ur to fight Deliora, but she insists that she would take her happiness back with this "trial". Lyon then wakes up and starts talking about his dream of defeating her because he would then become known for defeating the strongest Mage. Ur cuts him short, and says that there are a lot of stronger Mages in the west.

Lyon's Iced Shell

Lyon starts to use Iced Shell

Lyon then orders Ur not to lose, but, impatient, charges at Deliora himself and begins using Iced Shell. Ur is terrified by Lyon's actions and freezes Lyon to prevent him. She then goes and executes Iced Shell herself, with terrible consequences. She loses her body, but before completely turning to ice, she tells Gray to tell Lyon that she is dead, stating that she wanted them to walk into their future, and for Lyon, that would be impossible for as long as she is alive.

Gray's Iced Shell

Gray prepares to use Iced Shell

She then disappears, turning into the ice that seals Deliora. The following morning, Lyon wakes up to a sobbing Gray and a frozen Deliora. Gray tells him about Ur’s death, and Lyon attacks him, stating that it was his fault Ur died. As Gray's memory ends, he interrupts with Natsu and Lyon’s fight. He orders Natsu to stand back and tells Lyon that he wouldn't forgive him for hurting his friends, the villagers, and melting Deliora's ice. Gray then initiates the Iced Shell.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ur (flashback)
  2. Deliora (flashback)
  3. Lyon Vastia
  4. Natsu Dragneel
  5. Gray Fullbuster

Battles & Events

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