Ur is the 36th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The battle between Natsu and Lyon commences, and during the battle, they converse about Lyon's reason for freeing Deliora, that he is doing it to surpass Ur, and that it was Gray's fault that Ur died. Meanwhile, Gray explains to Happy, Erza, and Lucy his past and how Deliora destroyed his hometown; subsequently, Ur and Lyon found him and Ur took him as her student.


Natsu falls

Natsu falls because of Zalty's Magic

A fight between Lyon and Natsu starts, and Natsu seems to have the upper hand. This troubles Zalty, who uses his Lost Magic on the floor under Natsu. This makes him fall, but when Lyon expresses conviction on the fact that the boy is no problem, Zalty leaves Natsu be. Lyon then announces his plan of defeating Deliora, which would be the only way to defeat Ur, Natsu asks him why he doesn't just fight Ur, to which Lyon responds that Ur was dead because of Gray. Natsu says he doesn't care of the past, but what he cares about are the people who will suffer because of him, and says that he will open Lyon’s eyes with his flames.

Gray's Hatred

Gray's hatred after his hometown is destroyed

Meanwhile, Gray is explaining Lyon’s behavior to the other members of Team Natsu. He states that by defeating Deliora he would defeat Ur, but what Lyon doesn’t know is that, in fact, Ur is still alive. Gray explains that he lived in the in a city located in the Land of Isvan, until the day that Deliora arrived and razed it to the ground. Everyone was killed except for Gray, who was found alive by Ur and Lyon.

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