Voice of the Flame is the 352nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Realizing that the Eternal Flame has not completely vanished, Team Natsu hastily try to formulate a plan to bring the Flame back to its former glory, asking Natsu to use his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic to stoke the fire back to life. Still battling the Cyclops Monster, Natsu struggles to protect the village and his friends from it's attacks, but eventually succeeds in defeating the creature and hitting the Flame with a massive attack at the same time, the group all shocked to see that the village guardian is none other than Atlas Flame.


Wendy Declares the Flame is Not Gone

Wendy insists that the Flame is not gone

Staring at the empty space that once held the Eternal Flame, Gray, Flare, Lucy, Happy and Carla all convey their disbelief at the Flame's disappearance, and question what happened. Saddened, Gray comments that he will not be able to use the same technique on the giants for fear of making them vanish too, whilst Flare wonders whether the village can even continue to exist without it's guardian flame. Wendy, however, strongly states that the Flame is still alive, telling the others that she can still feel a slight Magic presence. Taking a closer look, the group realizes that the Flame is still burning in its altar, albeit much weaker than before.

Natsu Beats the Bird

Natsu attempts to fight and restore the Eternal Flame

Believing Natsu may be able to restore the flame to it's proper size, the group call out to him, the Dragon Slayer still engaged in combat with the monstrous creature that tried to eat Gray. Hearing them, Natsu quickly catches onto their plan, and proceeds to try and make his way down to the altar. However, the bird-like monster begins to shoot a ray of energy from it's lone eyeball, threatening the frozen villagers as it tries and fails to hit Natsu. Trying to prevent it from destroying one of the frozen giants, Natsu returns to attacking, launching a series of fiery blows before he manages to ground the beast on the Flame's altar using Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame. With the creature and the flame both now in one place, and the others all scrambling to get out of the way of Natsu's over-the-top actions, Natsu casts Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade, defeating the cyclops bird and hitting the Eternal Flame with his Fire Magic in one go.

As Happy catches Natsu before he can hit the ground, Natsu looks over the Flame, commenting that he thought he heard a familiar voice echoing from it. As the others stare on in disbelief, Atlas Flame rises from the altar, greeting Natsu as the true burning form of the Eternal Flame.

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