Close? The Golden Bovine Gate is the 33rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu successfully defeats both Yuka and Toby. As he leaves, he swears to Bobo's grave that he would avenge him. Meanwhile, Lucy fights Sherry with Taurus, as Sherry uses her Magic called Doll Attack. However, Lucy manages to use a forced gate closure and prepares to continue fighting Sherry. With Lyon, a masked figure asks Lyon why he didn't kill Gray, to which Lyon responds that if Gray crossed his path again, he would be killed.



Toby defeats himself

With Natsu's propelled punch, Yuka is defeated. Only Toby is left, who fights by using his paralyzing claws; however, Natsu, using his "wit", makes Toby paralyze himself, Natsu concluding that Toby really is an idiot. Natsu puts Bobo’s grave into place and leaves the area, vowing to avenge Bobo.

Elsewhere, Lucy wakes up to a crying Sherry. She complains that now Lyon won’t love her, and that Angelica was also hurt. Lucy doesn't seem fazed by this, and the fight between them begins. Sherry creates a wooden doll, to which Lucy summons Taurus, who breaks the tree in one hit. However, Sherry reveals that Celestial Mages are at a disadvantage before her, since she can control Spirits herself. Taurus unwillingly changes sides and attacks Lucy.

Forced Closure

Lucy forcefully closes Taurus' gate

Taurus apologizes to her and feels ashamed, but still cannot control himself. Sherry makes Taurus attack, while Lucy tries to make him reason. She reminds him of the day they made their contract, and his promise to protect her. This makes him gain a little more control, and Lucy, because of sheer will and her growing Magic Power, forces Taurus's gate to close.


The masked man

This makes Lucy more confident, and she gets ready to fight using her whip. Inside the ruins, a masked figure asks Lyon why he didn’t finish off Gray. Lyon responds that he has no taste for bloodshed; however, he states that if Gray confronts him again, he would show no mercy.

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