The Terrifying 2X-Poison Jelly is the 31st chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Lucy reveals her plan to stop the attackers: digging a pitfall trap in front of the village gates. Everyone is doubtful of the trap's success, but when Natsu enters, he falls inside it. Suddenly, Angelica flies overhead and drops a large bucket of poisonous jelly. Natsu counters it with his Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame, dispelling the jelly around the village, but not in the center of the village, where all the villagers are gathered. The enemy then approaches the village.


The chief comes and demands to know why there was a disturbance. Lucy informs him that there were hostiles in the area, but he replies that he doesn’t care, and that he just wants the moon destroyed. The time comes for Lucy to put her plan into work, and after boasting, she summons Virgo and orders her to make a pitfall. Happy thinks and eventually tells her that she is an idiot, but she is confident of her plan, even in the face of nearly everyone’s disapproval. Someone is coming, and the gate is opened.

Natsu Falls

Natsu falls

That someone is Natsu carrying Gray, who, after sees the trap, walks into it indifferently. Everyone is flabbergasted to see that someone actually fell into the trap, but on a positive note, he is freed from the ice. While they are asking themselves why the enemies are taking so long, Angelica, the giant rat, is seen flying in the sky, carrying a giant bucket full of jelly.

Poison Jelly Falls

Angelica releases the poison jelly

One drop falls and is revealed to be strong poison, and the villagers panic when discover that the bucket is full of the said poison. Sherry orders Angelica to drop the bucket, and she does. Natsu orders everyone to get in the center, and Happy flies him to the acid. He uses his Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame to blow the jelly outwards, so the center is safe along with everyone in the center.

Moments later, the enemies approach and the Mages from Fairy Tail get ready to fight.

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