Gray and Lyon is the 29th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Lyon orders Sherry, Yuka, and Toby to obliterate the village. Natsu attempts to engage Lyon, but is frozen by Lyon's Magic. Gray attacks Lyon and pushes Natsu away. After rolling down a hill, Natsu runs to protect the village while trying to melt the ice. Meanwhile, Erza has hijacked a pirate ship and is on her way to Galuna Island, furious.


Gray and Lyon's attacks clash

Gray and Lyon's attacks clash

Sherry, Yuka, and Toby leave to destroy the village. Natsu shouts out, and Team Natsu gets ready for battle. The boss, the masked one, states that he will get rid of them, and Natsu charges in, but Gray out runs him and attacks the masked figure with Ice. The masked one protects himself with ice, and Gray calls him Lyon.

Gray Kicks Natsu

Gray kicks Natsu off

He scolds Lyon for his actions, and they argue. Lyon orders his lackeys to go and destroy the village, and Natsu tries to follow them; however, Lyon freezes Natsu. Gray orders Happy to grab Lucy and leave, and Happy concurs. He is heartbroken by not rescuing Natsu, but ultimately thinks of the villagers, and Lucy cheers him up by saying that nothing will happen to his friend. Meanwhile, Gray kicks Natsu down the mountain in order to remove him from Lyon’s range of Magic. They argue over Ur's legacy, and Lyon shuts Gray up by accusing Gray of killing Ur.

At the feet of the mountain, Natsu tries to melt the ice but can’t. He then runs to the village, but ultimately finds it is hard to run, as he is nearly all frozen. Meanwhile, a pirate ship approaches with all the sailors defeated. Erza is shown to be the culprit of such coercion, and orders the captain to take her to Galuna Island, ignoring his statement that Galuna Island was cursed.

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