Deliora is the 27th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Team Natsu sets off to investigate the curse inflicted on Galuna Island villagers. On the way, they are attacked by a gigantic mouse named Angelica, but they manage to defeat her. They find an ancient temple and accidentally fall down into a secret cavern, where they find the frozen Demon Deliora.


Angelica chases Team Natsu

Angelica chases Natsu, Gray, and Lucy

Team Natsu is staying in the village for the night, discussing the difficulty of their mission. The next day, knowing that it is impossible for them to destroy the moon, they head out to investigate the curse. While walking, they are attacked by a giant mouse wearing a maid uniform called Angelica. Gray uses Ice-Make: Floor, creating an ice floor that makes Angelica slip and fall, leaving her open for Gray and Natsu to attack her. They find an ancient temple and enter. While they are there, the team agrees that it's "shabby". Thanks to his ignorance, Natsu's stomps his feet on the floor to test its sturdiness; as a result, the floor collapses and the group falls down into a secret cave.

Frozen Deliora


They search ahead and find a giant Demon encased in ice. Gray is shocked and nervous to find this particular Demon here so he shouts the monsters name 'Deliora'. When Lucy asks what that is, Gray explains that Deliora is the Demon of misfortune and disaster. After Gray explains himself, Team Natsu hears voices approaching and hides. One of them belongs to a man with thick eyebrows and blue spiked hair, and the other to a dog man.

Toby and Yuka

Toby and Yuka

They are talking about the Moon Drip when a young woman appears. She says that Angelica was attacked and that there are intruders. They leave to find the intruders, saying that they cannot let Reitei find out about them. After they leave, Gray explains to his team that the Demon is called Deliora, a Demon that ravaged his homeland and killed his family ten years ago. His teacher, Ur, gave her life to seal it in that ice. Gray expresses his determination to stop the mysterious people from releasing Deliora.

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