Is the Moon Out Tonight? is the 26th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

After getting a sight on the Galuna Island, Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Happy notice that Bobo, the boat owner, has disappeared. The group suddenly encounters a giant wave which causes their boat to crash on the shore of the island. As they walk around, they pass through a village gate and meet Moka, the village chief. He explains the island's curse and says that the cause of this curse is the moon. Now the group is given their mission: to destroy the moon.


Happy Looking for Bobo

Happy looking for Bobo under water

While at the boat, Bobo shows his cursed arm to Lucy, Gray, Happy, and a sick Natsu. The team then gets a sight of Galuna Island, and after a quick moment of them yearning to get to Galuna Island, they notice that Bobo is missing. Happy dives underwater looking for him but cannot find him. Suddenly, a giant tidal wave begins to form behind the boat and swallows the boat.

Fairy Members Showing their symbols

Fairy Tail members showing their symbols

Lucy wakes up in Galuna Island and checks if everyone is okay. Lucy tries to think of a way to stop the curse, but Natsu tells them to go straight to the chief of the village. Gray decides to come with them saying that if they get expelled from the guild, it will be boring. They arrive at the village but are unable to go in because of a giant gate which has "KEEP OUT" written on it. Natsu tries to break it, but Lucy stops him and calls for anyone in the village. Lucy explains that they are from Fairy Tail, and the villagers ask them to show their guild marks. After they show their guild marks, the guards of the gate also tell Lucy to strip. Gray started to strip her, but Lucy refuses and the guards apologize, saying that they got carried away. The guards then let them in the village.

Moka in demon form

Village Chief Moka's Demon form

The village chief Moka shows them the curse of the island and explains that it is because of the moon. He also explains that the curse is that all the villagers of the island turns into a Demon every night. The mayor also reveals that if one of them are turn into Demons and cannot get back to human form, they must kill them. He says that he had to kill his own son named Bobo, which startles Lucy, Natsu, Happy and Gray as it was Bobo who had accompanied them to the island. They think that it was his ghost that accompanied them. The mayor requests them to complete an impossible mission: destroy the moon.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Gray Fullbuster
  2. Happy
  3. Lucy Heartfilia
  4. Bobo
  5. Natsu Dragneel
  6. Moka
  7. Lulu

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