The Cursed Island is the 25th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu and Happy tell Lucy that they are going to do an S-class job which they stole. Lucy decides to join them to get the gold key reward. Arriving at Hargeon, the group encounters Gray who was sent to take them back, but Natsu knocks him out. Bobo, noticing that Natsu can use Magic, accompanies them to Galuna Island and explains its curse.


Lucy Excited

Lucy excited after knowing about the Golden Key reward

Lucy asks Natsu and Happy how they got the request, to which Happy replies that he just took it. Natsu says that they took the cheapest one and that they are going to make Makarov proud, then explains what they have to do, Lucy, however, refuses. Natsu and Happy go home but leave the request on the floor. Lucy picks it up and sees that the reward also includes a Gold Key and goes after Natsu and Happy.

Meanwhile in the guild, Mirajane just notices that one of the requests from the second floor is missing, shocking the guild members. Laxus says that he saw a cat with wings take it. An angry Mirajane asks why he did not stop Happy, Laxus replies that he thought that it was just a cat with a piece of paper, angering Mirajane even more. Makarov asks Mirajane what job is missing, she replies that it is the Cursed Galuna Island Job, shocking Makarov. He orders Laxus to go after them, he refuses saying that no Mage from the guild can't take care of themselves, Makarov insists that he goes after them saying that no one can do it except him, but Gray volunteers to go after them and Makarov agrees.

Bobo Cursed Arm

Bobo shows his cursed arm

Lucy, Natsu and Happy have just arrived in the coastal town Hargeon. Lucy suggests that they find a ship to take them to Galuna Island, but Natsu declines saying that they are going to swim. They try Lucy’s idea and ask for a boat to Galuna Island, but no one seems to want to take them. Just when they are about to give up, Gray arrives and tries to take them back to Fairy Tail, even using Magic but Natsu knocks him out when he is off guard. Seeing that they can use Magic, a man with the boat agrees to take them to the island. On their way to the island, the man named Bobo, explains that he used to live on Galuna but was forced to leave because of the curse and he shows them his arm that seems to belong to a demon.

Meanwhile somewhere on Galuna Island, a sinister ritual is taking place.

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  • Moon Drip (月の雫(ムーンドリップ) Mūn Dorippu)

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