Second floor is the 24th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

After being released from the prison, Natsu returns to the guild but sleeps due to Mystogan's spell. When he wakes up, he finds another S-Class Mage, Laxus, and challenges him, but is stopped by Makarov, saying that he can't go to the second floor because only S-Class Mages are allowed there. Later, when Lucy heads back to her house, she finds Natsu and Happy and discovers that they stole an S-Class job.


Mystogan returns to Fairy Tail

Mystogan arrives

Natsu celebrates his freedom, annoying the other guild members. Lucy is annoyed that the arrest has been just a formality; Gray is still confused about the arrest, while Elfman asks what would happen to Erza and Natsu’s duel. Natsu asks Erza to continue, but she declines. However, Natsu still charges, exasperating Erza, who knocks Natsu out. Suddenly, Makarov senses that someone was coming, and the whole guild falls asleep except for Makarov. Mystogan then enters, takes a request from the request board, and leaves, lifting the Sleep spell.

The whole guild then wakes up and realizes that Mystogan just came and disappeared because of the Sleep spell; a guild member says that because of that, no one has ever seen his face except for Makarov. Suddenly, Laxus says that he has seen Mystogan's face as well, surprising the guild members, because they rarely see Laxus as well. Natsu wakes up and challenges Laxus to a fight, but is stopped from going up the second floor by Makarov because he is not allowed up the stairs.

Chain of Command

Lucy's imagination

Later, Lucy asks Mirajane the reason why Natsu is not allowed the second floor. Mirajane explains that the request board on the second floor has more difficult Jobs that are for S-Class Mages only. She explains that S-Class Jobs are dangerous and that only five Mages are allowed to accept them: Mystogan, Laxus and Erza are among them. Mirajane says that Lucy shouldn’t aim for an S-Class mission yet. On her way home, Lucy is thinking about her version of the chain of command in Fairy Tail, and that she would work harder tomorrow. When she enters her house, she is welcomed by Natsu and Happy, who are both working out. Lucy tells them to go home, but they refuse and ask her to work out with them. Lucy declines, but Natsu says that they are going to take an S-Class job, showing Lucy the job request.

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