Crime and Punishment is the 23rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Arriving at the Magic Council, Erza encounters Siegrain who tells her to keep "that" a secret. Later on, Natsu attempts to save Erza in the trial room, but subsequently lands them in jail for a night for demolishing the room. Erza reveals to Natsu that the arrest is just a formality, but tells him that she appreciates the gesture.


In Fairy Tail's Guild building, the members are waiting anxiously for news about Erza. Natsu has been changed into a lizard and is trapped under a glass by Mirajane so that he will not go to the Magic Council in Era to save Erza.

Erza facing the Magic Council

Erza is tried by the Council

Meanwhile in the Fiore Branch of the Magic Council, Erza and the messenger have just arrived and they are greeted by Siegrain, who talks to Erza about “that” and how they should keep it a secret, subsequently disappearing. Erza then is taken to face with the entire Council in a trial room, and the trial starts.

Bad Disguise

Natsu, disguised as Erza, interrupts the Magic Council

In Fairy Tail, Lucy stands up and tells the guild that they have to testify for Erza, but Makarov tells her to just wait patiently. Lizard Natsu then begins to shout again, but when Makarov asks him if he really wants to come out, he shuts up, surprising the guild members. Makarov then attacks the glass with a beam of light and the Lizard Natsu turned back to Macao, who explains that he was indebted to Natsu and that Natsu must have probably gone to the Council, but Makarov tells the guild members to sit quietly and wait.

Meanwhile, Erza's charges are being read when the wall behind her suddenly explodes, and Natsu, poorly disguised as Erza, comes in. Natsu begins to shout at the council members and destroys the room, landing him and Erza in jail for one night. In the cell, Erza explains to Natsu that the arrest was only a formality and that she could have been home already if he hadn't interfered, but that she appreciates the gesture.

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