Natsu vs. Erza is the 22nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The Magic Council discusses Fairy Tail's actions at the meeting of the Guild Masters, but Siegrain states that they should appreciate what Fairy Tail did, as it could have ended badly without them. In Magnolia Town, Natsu and Erza commence their fight until they are interrupted by a council messenger who arrests Erza.



The Magic Council's headquarters

At the Magic Council's meeting site, the Council is discussing the recent attempt of the Dark Guild, Eisenwald, to use one of Zeref's Magics, Lullaby. The member Siegrain tells the other councilmen that Fairy Tail was able to defeat Eisenwald with only four members and that they should show some appreciation, stating that if anything had happened to the guild masters, it would've been bad news for the council.


Gray intrudes upon Lucy's apartment

Meanwhile, Lucy is writing a letter to her mother about the recent events at Fairy Tail, the fate of the Eisenwald Guild members, and the strongest team of Fairy Tail. When she is finished, she is surprised by a half-naked Gray sitting on her couch complimenting her new house. Lucy kicks him and tells him to go home, but Gray tells her that he was there to get her because it was the day that Natsu and Erza are going to have their fight soon.

Erza vs. Natsu

Natsu and Erza prepare to do battle

Lucy and Gray arrive to see that both Natsu and Erza are preparing to fight. Lucy starts a conversation about the strongest Mages in Fairy Tail with Gray, Mirajane, Elfman, Levy, Droy, and Jet. Natsu tells Erza that he would beat her and Erza replies that she would fight seriously as well. Erza then requips to her Flame Empress Armor that neutralizes the power of any type of Fire Magic to half of its original power.

Seeing the situation, Happy attempts to change his bet to Erza winning instead of Natsu. Makarov, acting as the referee, signals the battle to start. Natsu and Erza start battling, their strength seeming equal. Suddenly, however, they are interrupted by a messenger from the Council, who was ordered to put Erza under arrest.

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