To Live Strong is the 20th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu and Happy reunite with the rest of their team and begin to celebrate their victory, but not until Kageyama betrays them and heads to complete Eisenwald's plan to assassinate the guild masters. However, upon meeting Makarov, he exhibits a change of heart, surrendering and dropping the flute, but the flute suddenly takes a form of a giant monster.


Kageyama's betrayal

Kageyama's betrayal

Lucy, Gray, Erza and Kageyama arrive at the site where Natsu and Erigor were fighting. Kageyama is surprised that Natsu was able to defeat Erigor, but Gray says that Natsu is making Fairy Tail look bad because he was barely able to defeat Erigor, calling it a desperate win. After congratulating Natsu, Erza tells the group that they should go to Clover Town to report to the guild masters about what have happened. Suddenly, Kageyama takes the Magic Four Wheel Drive and snatches the lullaby flute with his Shadow Magic. He then heads straight to Clover Town, leaving the group dumbfounded. Kageyama then arrives at the regular meeting place and prepares to play the flute. However, he is interrupted by Makarov who pulls a prank on him.

Kageyama meets Makarov

Kageyama meets Makarov

Makarov then turns to leave, saying that he should go find Erza, Natsu and Gray before they destroy a town and that Kageyama should return to the hospital, having noticed his injuries. Aware that Makarov is the master of Fairy Tail, Kageyama stops him and asks if he would listen to him play a song, Makarov agrees but says that he should hurry. Kageyama tries to play but hesitates because of the way that Fairy Tail has been treating him.

Lullaby awakens

Lullaby awakened

Meanwhile, Team Natsu arrives and sees Kageyama and Makarov face to face. The group tries to go to Makarov's aid but is stopped by Guild Masters Bob and Goldmine. Makarov continues to wait for Kageyama to play the flute, but Kageyama still hesitates. Though Kageyama believes everything will change if he accomplishes his goal, Makarov says that nothing will change, that weakness will continue to be weak, but it is ok since humans are weak to begin with, that is why they form guilds and have friends. Kageyama surrenders and drops the flute. Seeing Kageyama surrender, Team Natsu goes to their Guild Master, but suddenly, smoke begins to leak from the flute and forms a giant monster that tells the group that it will consume the souls of everyone there.

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